CoinDCX Review 2022 | Is CoinDcx Safe?[Must Read]

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Are you looking for the best cryptocurrency exchange? Want to secure your investment in cryptocurrencies? Are you in search of a reliable and user-friendly platform that can provide secure as well as transparent services?

In this article, we will look at a detailed review of CoinDCX and its features. Then, we will also look at the pros and cons of CoinDcx and finally conclude with whether or not CoinDcx is safe? Should You go for it or not? Then you need to read this CoinDcx review?

What is CoinDCX? Full CoinDCX Review

CoinDcx is a big cryptocurrency exchange in India. CoinDcx was started in 2018 in India by Neeraj Khandelwal Co-founder, CoinDCX, and Sumit Gupta CEO, CoinDCX, with a committed focus on making cryptocurrency accessible for everyone.

CoinDcx has solved a bunch of problems that the Indian crypto community was facing with investing and trading related solutions with cryptocurrencies and formed great crypto-based financial products for all types of customers, CoinDcx also claims that it is the safest crypto exchange in India and now Coindcx is India’s first crypto unicorn! , there are 100+ cryptocurrencies listed on Coindcx with 80 + Vetted Coins.

Is CoinDCX safe?

CoinDCX crypto exchange claims that it is the safest crypto exchange in India, but is it really true? let’s see.

CoinDCX has more than 1 crore+ active users on their platform and 1 crore+ downloads of the CoinDCX app on Google Play Store with a great rating of 4.5 out of 5. The platform claims that all data is deep encrypted to secure your personal data and passwords. Around 95% of all funds on the CoinDCX platform are securely stored in multi-sig cold wallets.

CoinDCX is insured by BitGo, which means your all funds are insured to give you full safety.

CoinDCX is backed by top investors from all over the globe like Coinbase Ventures, Brain Capital Ventures, Polychain Capital, BitMEX, and many more great investors. All this information makes us clear that no doubt, CoinDCX is the safest and greatest cryptocurrency exchange in India.

CoinDCX Review Services and Products

CoinDCX is India’s leading Crypto Exchange, that offers over 100+ cryptocurrencies to their customers to buy and sell, they even provide the service of margin trading and spot trading to their users.

CoinDcx offers a wide range of products and services to their customers they have mainly two crypto exchange apps Coindcx go and Coindcx pro.

Note: Registration and KYC processes are compulsory for both apps. Click here to register

CoinDCX Go: You can simply buy and sell crypto easily with a few clicks, it comes with a very simple interface and it is a beginner-friendly app. you can buy and trade in more than 100+ cryptocurrencies with ease. CoinDCX Go is one of the safest and beginner friendly crypto exchange for newbies.

CoinDCX Pro: If you are a professional crypto trader then you will definitely love the Coindcx pro app. it offers great services to crypto traders, like spot trading with a near-limitless order book, margin trading with leverage up to 6x across 250+ markets and the best part is you can also invest in futures and get leverage up to 20x with crypto futures.

It also gives lending and staking feature, with lending you can lend your crypto for a minimum of 7 days & earn a passive income of more than 16% APR, on the other hand, staking cryptocurrencies on Coindcx platform wallets, Is a great way to earn rewards and can also earn up to 5% to 20% ( in ETH2 Staking ).

These are some of the great features of CoinDcx and there are many more features that I haven’t mentioned here, you can read them on their official website.

Fees Structure

Spot & Margin Trading Fee

coindcx fees structure

Futures Trading Fee of CoinDCX

CoinDCX futures Trading Fee

Withdrawal Fee

CoinDCX Withdrawal Fees
This is the chart of CoinDCX Withdrawal Fees

CoinDCX help and support

CoinDCX claims that they, offers 24/7 support to their customer let’s see does it really true? if you have any issue with their services you can contact their help and support team via submitting the request in request you have to fill in all necessary details about you and the issue you’re facing, its basically you send an e-mail to them, and within 24 hours they will resolve your issue or reply you.

I have personally contacted their support team and they do have to reply to me in 24 hours so, their help and support system is awesome, currently, they do not offer mobile support to their customers, maybe they will add it in the future.

Pros and Cons of CoinDCX :


  • Safe and secure with encryption
  • 1Cr+ active users
  • Simple UI and app interface
  • Backed by top leading industries investors
  • Beginner friendly and easy to use
  • You can also earn crypto from referring apps to others.


  • Limited features in CoinDCX Go app

Conclusion :

I have personally been using the CoinDCX app for More than 8 months, and I haven’t faced any serious issues or problems with their crypto exchange. It’s easy to use you can buy crypto in a few clicks and swipe feature, They have many features for trading and investing like staking, futures, spot trading, and margin trading. Their help and support are also good, you can email/submit a request to them anytime and your problem will be resolved/replied to within 24 hours. In one line the conclusion is CoinDcx is an awesome crypto exchange in India to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies. I will definitely recommend you CoinDcx for investing in cryptocurrencies. To Stay up-to-date about cryptos follow CryptoGita.

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Is CoinDCX safe?

Yes, if you have read the full review of CoinDcx then, You probably know that it’s 99.99% safe to invest in cryptos through this crypto exchange.

How many Cryptocurrencies are listed on CoinDCX?

There are more than 100+ cryptocurrencies listed on the platform including some big Crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, polygon Matic and many more.

What services do CoinDCX offer?

The platform gives a variety of trading and investments option like Spot trading , Margin trading ,Crypto staking , Futures trading , Lending crypto, and many more services

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